Life Lolli

A lollipop designed to save lives.

Young stem cell donors (18 - 30) are statistically the best candidates to help people with blood cancer to survive. But the current communication and way to register wasn’t appealing enough for young people to participate.

The typical tool for DNA tests is a simple swab. That’s where we saw a new way to disrupt the category. Introducing Life Lolli: a heart shaped lollipop that provides a tasty way to collect your DNA, and an irresistible opportunity for the selfie-generation to share their good deed with the world.


Key Results

Great Work Works Great

235M +



- 11 Year

18 Lives


Media Impressions

More Product Orders

Increase In Donor Registrations

Decrease In Registration Age

Saved So Far & Counting

Launching the idea with some friends.

We launched the idea on a special day (World Kids Cancer Day) with the charitable help of over 100 German key influencers including: gamers, musicians, beauty vloggers, celebrities and sports stars. They were tasked to take a photo of the Life Lolli on their tongues with the #lifelolli hashtag to start the movement.

In the end­, people didn't just donate their DNA. They also donated their reach on social media. This created a cycle that increased the campaign's reach, as each lollipop ordered generated even more orders.


A product campaign invited everyone to save lives.

The campaign was generously supported by various media including TV, print, OOH, event and digital ads. Everything led to our website where a Life Lolli can still be ordered for free.


Now available in stores across the country.

Life Lolli can even be found in selected stores across the country. This created a completely new channel to recruit more stem cell donors.

Donate your DNA and donate your reach.

Not only can people donate their DNA to the national register but they can also donate their picture to social media with the hashtag #lifelolli. This created an efficient loop that extended the reach of the campaign because every Life Lolli that was ordered generated more orders.

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