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Sustainability and Environmental Policy

What we have achieved so far

Certified, more than a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions – and more! Since 2016, Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH has been certified based on ISO standards in the areas of Energy and Environment and in 2019 received its first recertification. Apart from the certification, the agencies are also reassessed by other platforms each year – for example by Ecovadis, one of the foremost international CSR assessment platforms. In 2019 BBDO Group Germany was awarded an Silver Medal by Ecovadis and thus belongs to the top 30% in its category. Altogether, the amount of CO2 emissions was reduced by more than half. The most notable changes were the decrease in paper usage (-50%) and the increase in the volume of eco-electricity (+90%).

These targets are attained internally by a series of initiatives, including the introduction of printing software, the rollout of inhouse awareness campaigns, and the electrification of the vehicle fleet. And on a personal level as well, staff act as "greenkeepers" in each of the agencies and keep coming up with new ideas.

And for the next recertification in 2022 our focus is on the reduction of CO2 emissions – especially in the mobility sector. The medium-term goal is to achieve climate neutrality.

Environmental and Energy Policy of Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH


Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and the associated agencies and networks strive to become a recognized market leader in sustainability. Therefore, we develop and offer innovative solutions that meet our customer’s demands as well as the globally acknowledged principles of sustainability and the requirements of environmental and energy management systems.

Our principles:

We run our business with the awareness of natural resource conservation. This includes respect and consideration for the environment. For topics related to sustainability we focus on a clear leadership, on self-responsibility and direct accountability within all levels of Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and its associated networks. We continuously work to improve our business processes and fulfill or exceed the legal requirements and all significant international standards. We deliver services of high quality that help our customers succeed and increase their business’ value. We offer an environment in which sustainability issues are openly discussed based on trust. We are aware of the fact that our employees’ abilities and their integration are core requirements to understand and satisfy our customers and our business’ demands. We provide the resources that are necessary to reach these goals.

Our commitment:

To pursue our principles, Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and the associated networks

integrate sustainability issues in business processes;

implement sustainability by developing, establishing and sustaining a process oriented management system, that fulfills acknowledged standards;

continuously assess and limit the sustainability risks for their business for the entire development and life cycle of their services;

measure their sustainability performance and determine long-term sustainability goals in order to reach continuous and permanent improvements;

conduct audits to examine whether internal as well as external demands are fulfilled and strive for compliance with the international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001;

tackle sustainability issues as well as their effects on working practices, process and products to make our business conduction coherent with the public’s and our customer’s demands;

increase the awareness for sustainability and intensify the trust of their stakeholders through communication, training and consulting;

expect their employees to commit themselves for sustainability and to follow the Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH principles.