Hello, potential colleague of tomorrow!

Welcome to the BBDO Masterclass: our junior leadership program where we want you to learn, play and grow. It’s basically like strapping a rocket ship to your career and blasting off towards the stars.

You’ll not only get valuable experience across different offices, but you’ll also be inspired and mentored by the best.

Masterclass in a nutshell.

Our junior leadership program attracts the best talent in the market and gives them the tools to accelerate their careers. Applicants can choose between 5 different professional fields: account, strategy, art, copy and digital. During the program you will move across different offices over 18 months, including two incredible months abroad. Another massive benefit is that you’ll get to work with over 300 colleagues from 16 different nationalities at Germany’s #1 creative agency 2021 and #1 global network. It really is the fastest way to develop your career! 


PROFESSIONS: Account. Strategy. Creative Art. Creative Copy. Digital.
START DATE: 01.10.2022
SALARY: 2.500 € salary + 500 € housing grant per month
HOLIDAYS: 30 days. Yes, you read that right.
WORK ABROAD: Tell us where and we’ll try to make it happen.

What professional field is right for me?

Some applicants already have previous experience, others have an idea of what they’re passionate about. Here’s what you can expect from each discipline. 



You’re well organized with a passion for selling great ideas to a client and making them happen.



You’re tactical, insight driven and understand that every great idea is born out of great strategy.



You have your finger on the pulse of zeitgeist and you have a passion for expressing ideas through digital channels.


Creative Art

You are visual, you love the craft & you like to express your ideas through illustration, design and animation.


Creative Copy

You have a way with words, you love to tell stories and you can express ideas with beautiful simplicity.


A little bit about BBDO and our Network.

We are BBDO Germany and we are honored to be labeled the country’s #1 creative agency in 2021 (by ADC, W&V, Horizont and Redbox). This amazing achievement all comes down to one unbelievably important factor – our people.

We are so lucky to work with a very diverse, international and passionate group of people who all believe that great work works great. The success we have celebrated nationally is also backed up by our network that was recently voted »Network of the Year« at the prestigious Clio awards in New York.

The luxury of being part of one of the biggest networks in the world is that you have access to amazing talent outside of BBDO. From our consultancy firm Batten & Company, to the digital experts at Proximity Technology – there is no shortage of talent and inspiration. 

Our company culture.

We are fortunate to have some of the nicest, most passionate, and most talented people in the industry working for us – that’s why we do great work. And in an industry where employee fluctuation is common, we are lucky to have many people who have been with us for a long time. We think that speaks volumes about our company culture. We believe happy, passionate, and inspired people given responsibility and time, do exceptional work that makes the difference. 

We also believe that to do great communication, it’s key to have a respectful office culture full of diversity – not only in the kinds of employees we hire but also in how they think. This is such an important topic and one where we still have work to do. One of our recent initiatives that’s a reflection of this commitment is #NOLIMITS – a platform to champion, support and inspire diversity at the workplace. There are a lot of initiatives like this one where you can get involved, (internationally) network, and influence our daily work: Omniwomen, Open Pride, and Open Disability, to name just a few. 


The Work.

The Work.

The Work.

For us, great ideas are ​those with great impact. They move people ​and business. They solve our partner’s problems best. We have just one principle: Great work works great. Take a look at some work we are proud of.

Our amazing partners.

The best ideas aren’t made for clients, they are made with partners. Here are some of ours.

We champion
great work
that works